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Regions Covered



Abu Dhabi:

The changing skyline of Abu Dhabi will soon have new names added to its existing landmarks. As plans on more and more project take shape on paper, there's an equal number taking shape on the ground. Multi Billion Dollar projects have been recently unveiled.

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, as well as the Abu Dhabi emirate itself. The city is located on a scorpion-shaped island in the Arabian Gulf, southwest of Dubai.

Before the discovery of oil in the early 1960s, Abu Dhabi was a small village. Today this metropolis is a harmonious blend of the modern world and traditional Arabian culture, with its striking glassy skyline on the Corniche forming a backdrop for an oasis-like city full of mosques, shopping malls, cultural centers, and luxury hotels. Wide tree lined roads, large gardens, and green boulevards contrast with the surrounding desert, and many of the roundabouts feature clock towers, giant coffee cups, or other concrete replicas of traditional Arabic artifacts


Bahrain's construction sector is upbeat with numerous projects under way and on the drawing boards. Resort-style and commercial developments hold fort and will keep the industry active.

The Kingdom is awash with new projects - both from the public and the private sectors. And an even wider spectrum developments are on the drawing boards, right from mega cities to hospitals and road construction.


Dubai is rapidly being transformed into a lifestyle destination to rival any international city in the world. With the shear volume of superlatives; 'the tallest..., the longest..., the largest...', Dubai is the 'can do' place of the world today and will be a choice destination of the world tomorrow.


The Iraq economy is currently in a transition state from a strictly government-controlled system to a free market system. Several years of war and sanctions have taken their toll on Iraq’s infrastructure. Substantial investments are urgently required in the sectors of oil and gas, electricity, ports and telecommunications. Foreign and private investments have been eagerly invited to finance these reconstruction projects, for which the CPA, the Iraqi Interim Government and the US federal bodies, such as USAID, are organizing and awarding contracts. The total costs for Iraq's reconstruction, based on UN/World Bank and CPA estimates, will amount to approximately USD56bn.


Kuwait has the world's fifth largest oil reserves and is one of the richest countries in the world per capita. Planned projects in Kuwait are worth close to US$300 billion. The prospects for those actively seeking commercial advantage in Kuwait’s developing project market are numerous.


Libya’s economic progress is dependent on overseas technology and expertise for the expansion, upgrading and modernisation of its vital infrastructure. This is central to an ambitious multi-billion dollar National Development Plan which has a US$14 billion allocation for 2009 alone, representing 60% of the total annual budget.

Priority sectors include building and construction; transport and communications; water and environment; power and electricity; and safety and security. Libya also has potential to expand its tourism industry as it has almost 2,000 KM of prestige coastline and Leptis Magna, the best archaeological persevered roman city anywhere outside of Italy.  


Oman's image amongst travelers is also encouraging. "The acknowledgement of Oman as being a premium Gulf state, in terms of the image it has amongst travelers, It has culture, it has history, it has an amazing nature, it's on the Indian Ocean, not just some locked-up sea. And it has one of the beautiful deserts and mountains."


Qatar's construction is highly buoyant, given the multitude of big-ticket projects unfolding in various sectors - industrial, commercial, real estate and tourism. Qatar boasts the highest per capital income in the Middle East, is hitting headlines continuously with massive investment plans - many of them in the range of billions of dollars.

While the rest of the Gulf is seeing a boom in real estate development, Qatar is witnessing tremendous growth in every area of the construction sector - commercial, residential, tourism, industrial and infrastructure.

Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest producer and exporter of total petroleum liquids and is currently the world’s second largest crude oil producer behind Russia. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is currently undergoing major infrastructure upgrades and mega projects including the construction of several new cities as well as new rail and road networks. Current planned projects in Saudi Arabia are worth over US$400 billion.

Other countries covered include China, Ireland, UK

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