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Construction and Engineering jobs in Dubai - Getting a job

Construction and Engineering jobs in Dubai - Hiring gap widens. Construction projects continue to rise throughout the UAE. As these projects grow in popularity, hiring workers for construction and engineering jobs continues to be a priority for construction companies.

With the boom in construction and engineering jobs in Dubai many dubai-jobs-construction.jpgindians and western expats are on their way to Dubai to cash in on the large ammount of jobs available in Dubai's construction and engineering industry. 


The world has been watching India as media reports state it to be the one of the next economic super powers and as a consequence property development has surged. Office space demand for example, has doubled since 2002 as foreign firms continue to invest in the country's IT sector.

India's new government policies such as income tax exemptions and liberal loan policies have contributed to the construction boom.
These factors all contribute to why recruitment companies are finding it increasing difficult to get Indian labourers to work in the UAE.

This is also part due to some recruitment companies charging labourers transaction costs to move to Dubai (this practice is not actually allowed in Dubai) coupled with the confiscation of passports for several months as a security deposit. Add to that the burden of leaving family behind and it's easy to see why so many Indian labourers would rather work at home.

Conditions need to improve before workers are enticed to work again in the UAE and until then, the construction labour shortage will continue.

The demand for hiring engineers also rises as the construction projects continue. On average, engineers get better treatment than labourers although engineers should still expect a 6 day week in some cases.

Companies currently hiring in Dubai

Current companies hiring engineering and construction workers are Concur Consultants, go 4 construction jobs and Naukri Gulf to name a few.

Finding the project owners of current construction projects up and down the UAE will give you a good list of companies to contact. Some projects to consider are Business Bay, Dubai Sports City, the Burj projects and the Dubai Marina. Some companies to consider are: Al Rostamani, Bechtel Corporation, Fujairah National Construction, Juma Al Majid Group, Maritime Industrial Services, Turner Construction Company, Actco and Al Habtoor Enterprises.

The ball is increasing in the employees court and with the hiring gap continuing to widen, job seekers should ensure they ask and get the pay and working conditions they require. For further information take a look at the Ministry of Labours website

About Concur Consultants

Concur Consultants are the largest engineering and construction recruitment company in Dubai. The company sources engineering and construction jobs for the major engineering and construction companies in Dubai. In the past two years Concur have placed hundreds of people into Construction and Engineering jobs in the Middle East.