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Dubai and other locations in the Middle East are the current hot spot for people looking for international work. Apart from the booming metropolis of Dubai, locations such as Abu Dhabi and Qatar are also experiencing similar booms. These three locations, plus Bahrain and Oman, are commonly considered the main expat centres and are all family friendly. In all of the locations there are large western expat communities, with a good social scene, crime free and friendly. To work in any of these locations, you will need to find employment and be sponsored by an employer. Types of projects in these locations are varied, but there is a large amount of very interesting major projects, such as The Palm Islands, as well as many high rise towers. There are also marine, road and infrastructure projects, but these are not as common as the large building schemes. Salaries in these locations are free of local income tax.

In other parts of the Middle East, such as Iran, Iraq and Saudi, positions are now more commonly become single status locations. Projects in these locations are often heavy civil engineering and related to the petrochemical industry or else government or World Bank funded development projects.


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About the UAE


Cost of Living in Dubai

The overall cost of living in Dubai is similar to that in most European countries, if you’re living in the style of the average western expatriate.   

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But the general lack of taxation has a significant impact on the cost of certain items, e.g. cars. On the other hand, the cost of accommodation is sometimes high, as is that of certain food items, particularly imported foods. If you buy internationally recognised branded foods and household goods, you might pay higher prices than in your home country, but there are usually plenty of cheaper locally and regionally produced alternatives that are of excellent quality. Clothing can also be expensive if you favour designer labels – this isn’t peculiar to Dubai – although there’s little need for winter clothing.

Demographic Information

According to the census conducted by Statical Center of Dubai, the population of the emirate was 1,422,000 as of 2006, which included 1,073,000 males and 349,000 females. As of 1998, 17% of the population of the emirate was made up of UAE nationals. Approximately 85% of the expatriate population (and 71% of the emirate's total population) was Asian (chiefly Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan and Filipino). About 3% of the total population of Dubai was categorized as "Western". In addition, 16% of the population (or 288,000 persons) lived in collective labour accomodation were not identified by ethnicity or nationality, but were thought to be primarily Asian.  The median age in the emirate was about 27 years. The crude birth rate, as of 2005, was 13.6%, while the crude death rate was about 1%.

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Dubai Healthcare

Most hospitals in Dubai are generally well equipped and enjoy a good standard of care. Emergency cases are seen in the Accident & Emergency of public hospitals free of charge


Hospitals Most hospitals in Dubai are generally well equipped and enjoy a good standard of care. Emergency cases are seen in the Accident & Emergency of public hospitals free of charge. All other treatments are however chargeable to tourists and these can be costly. It is therefore advisable to have travel medical insurance when travelling to Dubai. Travellers may want to check whether their country has any special reciprocal medical agreements with the UAE.
Public Hospitals include:
New Dubai Hospital
Rashid Hospital
Al Wasl Hospital
Private Hospitals include:
American Hospital Dubai
Canadian Hospital
Emirates Hospital
Iranian Hospital
Welcare Hospital
Ambulances Ambulances are run by the government and take patients to a public hospital. Response times as in many other major cities can be variable.
Pharmacies Pharmacies are located on most street corners and are generally well stocked. Travellers are however advised to buy well-known brands. Travellers should not always rely on advice from pharmacy staff.
Dentists Good dentists are available and there is a high quality of dentistry care but services can be expensive.

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Dubai Nursery Information

Looking for Dubai nursery information - look no further a complete list of Dubai nursery schools can be found here.

Dubai Property Market

This is an overview of the Dubai property market taken from Platinum Homes Dubai . You can view further details on Dubai property on the Platinum Homes Website. 



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