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Senior Well Integrity Engineer

Construction Engineering Job Title: 

Senior Well Integrity Engineer






1. Basic Function and Scope:
This position reports to the Senior Well Operations Engineer and is responsible for all Well Integrity Operations. The role will ensure that the appropriate standards and testing are in place to maintain the Company’s well related safety critical elements, the overall objective being to ensure that there can be no unplanned release of hydrocarbons and that risks from the wells to personnel, the assets and the environment are ALARP.
The position will also ensure that all operations are effectively reported and that an auditable trail is maintained to demonstrate that the Company’s Standards are being maintained. The position will ensure that the Well Integrity database is maintained such that an overview of the integrity status of the Company’s Fields is available and current. The position will liaise with the Senior Well Intervention Engineer to ensure that all remedial activities are planned budgeted and prioritised.

2. Tasks and Duties:
• Ensure the Well Integrity Assurance process is maintained and adhered to.
• Constantly review well integrity issues with a view to maximizing production within the Company’s Standards
• Ensure that all outstanding Well Integrity issues are captured within the integrity database and solutions managed to execution in a timely manner.
• Ensure that any lessons learned through production operations are, where applicable relayed to Well Design and if appropriate, standards are updated.
• Liaise with Offshore PPM Supervisors and Production Foreman Wells to ensure all personnel are aligned with the plan, process and procedures.
• Take Ownership of the Well Integrity assurance process, updating as required to reflect the Company’s Operations.
• Review reports of Well Integrity testing and make recommendations as applicable for remedial operations. Track remedial operations within the Well Integrity database
• Ensure all Well Integrity Work is presented to Well Intervention for inclusion in the outstanding work list and plan.
• Maintain regular contact with PPM Supervisors and Wellhead Maintenance teams to ensure that integrity tests are completed, and any repairs that can be completed during the visit are also executed.
• Maintain constant contact with Asset Production Engineers, as they are the focal point for offshore well activities. 

3. Work Contacts:
Prod. Eng Team Leader, Senior Well Operations Engineer, Senior Well Intervention Engineer, Asset Production Engineers, Production and Facilities Optimisation Engineers, Prod Foreman Wells, PPM Supervisors, Onshore Valve Maintenance Supervisor.

4. Work Environment:
Onshore Dubai, occasional offshore visits for awareness meetings and safety meetings.

5. Minimum Requirements:
• Minimum of 10 years Well Construction/Intervention experience both operational and at a supervisory level.
• Minimum of 5 years experience supervising and co-ordinating Well Intervention/Well Integrity activities.
• Familiarity with industry standard reporting software including Microsoft Project, Excel, Powerpoint and Word.
• Ability to demonstrate good communication skills both written and verbal.
• Ability to demonstrate problem solving abilities for both process and technical issues such that methods and processes remain current and that lessons learnt are shared and repeat incidents are avoided.
• Ability to provide safety leadership to the Well Integrity Teams, in support of the PPM Supervisor, ensuring that the Company’s Standards are adhered to and where necessary updated.

To Apply 

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