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Construction Co-ordinator

Construction Engineering Job – Title

Construction Co-ordinator


Dubai Office – with requirement for frequent offshore visits




• Required to have Electrical and Instrument technical subject knowledge/competence, and at least 10  years of relevant experience including  at least 3 years in a similar co-ordination role .
• Previous experience with Oil and Gas engineering project and operations management contractor in the offshore oil industry is desirable. Must be comfortable communicating with and have an ability to influence all levels of the organization with good English written and verbal communication skills.

To direct and support the offshore team in the safe and efficient implementation of offshore construction works (E & I).

• Directly promote, by example and leadership, sound HSEQ  principles and practices.
• Ensure that full cognizance of the inherent risks associated with all offshore construction activities is taken and that the necessary measures and steps are taken to eliminate or mitigate such risks.
• Develop the implementation workpacks in sufficient detail to allow construction activities to be planned and executed in a safe and efficient manner.
• Work with the design and procurement teams to ensure timely release of design information and secure suitable material delivery periods.
• Ensure any fabrication activities are planned and executed to meet the requirements of the installation programme.
• Work with the planning team to develop and update accurate and realistic implementation schedules.
• In conjunction with the Senior Offshore Construction Supervisor establish the supervision, manpower and equipment requirements for each work package and ensure these are notified in good time to the contractors and suppliers.
• Identify and resource any specialist personnel, equipment or techniques required in the execution of the offshore construction works.
• Work closely with the logistics teams to facilitate the mobilisation/de-mobilisation of the necessary manpower, materials and equipment.
• Monitor all offshore implementation activities providing the necessary, direction, guidance and support. If required, take the necessary corrective action.
• Ensure the compilation of all construction related documentation and its timely presentation in the form of closeout packages.
• Continually review all aspects of all onshore support and offshore construction activities with a view to improvement in performance.

To Apply 

For more information on this role please visit the recruiters website You will need an English version of your CV.

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