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Marine Superintendent - Quality and Safety

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Marine Superintendent - Quality and Safety



Basic Function and Scope

• This position is accountable for the safety and quality of all vessels chartered by client, and for all aspects of marine safety, onshore and offshore.
• This position will manage and carry out vessel, vessel company and marine equipment audits/inspections, with specific focus on the closure of outstanding audit items and will act as a quality ‘gatekeeper’ in terms of vessels authorised to work in the field.
• This position will create, apply and report vessel/vessel company performance indicators to client Management, whilst engaging vessel owners in quality improvement initiatives.
• Additionally this position will also partake at the planning stage of projects and drilling operations in terms of providing safe marine solutions.
• On this basis this position will liaise regularly with other Marine Superintendents, offshore Port Captains/Logistics Personnel and the Logistics Team Leader, and will have a ‘dotted line’ reporting responsibility to the Health & Safety Department.

Tasks and Duties

• Lead, manage and support the policies, goals and programmes of the client’s HSEQ Management System & Department.
• Ensure HSEQ issues are given primary consideration in all activities undertaken within area of responsibility.
• Ensure that audits and safety inspections are performed on existing and short-term hire boat charters.
• Create and manage a vessel inspection programme.
• Create, monitor and report standard vessel KPI’s for each vessel type.
• Ensure that all vessels chartered by the client comply with local, national and international legislation.
• Engage vessels owners in regular operational safety meetings with the aim of encouraging improved vessel safety and operational efficiencies.
• Support offshore field operations with Port Captain, including maintenance/inspection of SPM’s and infield marine equipment.
• Partake in the planning of marine aspects of all project, maintenance and drilling operations, including those involving diving operations.
• Be responsible for updating and managing the client’s  Marine Operations Manual.
• I.M.T.  Logistics Section Member.

Minimum Requirements

• Master Mariner Class 1/2 or equivalent university degree relating to Offshore/Marine Operations or Safety.
• Minimum 5-10 years experience in offshore marine operations.
• Fluent in spoken and written English and effective communicator by radio & telephone.

To Apply 

For more information on this role please visit the recruiters website You will need an English version of your CV.

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