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web design jobs middle EastThere are many design agencies in the Middle East that always have work for specialist web designers that can work in the normal range of web applications.  Of course for a web design job it also helps if you can do a little bit of development, but experance with content management systems like Joomla, Drupal or Wordpress.

We have listed all of the web design jobs available in the Middle East here, but you may also want to consider looking for companies based in the Middle East that are hiring using contractor portals, many companies will use these resources to find talent and test them and then hire them when they are proven.

ODESK -  Find Web Developers on oDesk
E-LANCERS - Hire the Top Developers and Programmers on Elance

We have also listed other design jobs required in the Middle East, of course as a web designer your skills are not always limited to just web! Good luck!

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