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web-developer-jobs-middle-eastIf you are looking to work as a web developer in the Middle East there are lots of graphic design and web development agencies that can employ you. If you have PHP or ASP development skills and an agency background working for big brands then you are in with a good chance.  

We have listed all of the web developer jobs available in the Middle East here, but you may also want to consider looking for companies based in the Middle East that are hiring using contractor portals, here are some good ones to get you started, I would suggest you create an account on these services and look for Middle East based companies looking for resources.

ODESK -  Find Web Developers on oDesk
E-LANCERS - Hire the Top Developers and Programmers on Elance

Make sure when you submit your CV to any of these job requirements that you also include your web development portfolio! Good luck!

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